We're a company of "get-it-done" researchers and developers dedicated to solving engineering challenges for our partners in business, government and university. We extend your research, add to your development team and are dedicated to your success.

of us

...as a "super-employee": an expert you can turn to at any moment to solve a pressing development, research or business challenge. We offer productivity beyond a qualified employee, with an agility large corporate contractors cannot manage. We are adept with the latest technologies and understand the need to combine high engineering standards with competitive rates.

We take our name from the Kinsol Trestle, one of the largest timber structures in the world. It rises out of the Iush British Columbia forests and towers over the Koksilah river at the stunning point in the TransCanada trail. Since its restoration in 2011, we've joined thousands of bikers, runners and riders for whom it has opened a world of outstanding beauty.

In its day the Kinsol Trestle represented the most elegant and efficient solution to the challenge of rail travel. Precise calculations were made, technologies of wood and iron were combined and an inspiring and practical structure was born.


we face the challenge of understanding and mastering massive amounts of data. We love creating and applying intelligent hardware and software in ways which lead to elegant and successful solutions for our partners.

DIMITRI MARINAKAS - Founder and Principle

I'm a passionate researcher and developer of advanced algorithms and software related to information precessing: artificial intelligence and machine learning, machine vision, network protocols and routing algorithms, recommender systems, natural language processing, and issues related to wireless communications. I also have practical software engineering experience in embedded system design, real-time firmware development, and large scale systems.

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DARREN FAIRALL - VP of Engineering

I am a diversely experienced software developer with strengths in embedded, real time and audio related systems with strong analytical and problem solving skills. I have strict standards of quality and reproducibility when dealing with design and development. My specialties include scientific Computing, Algorithm Development, Audio Related Development, Embedded Systems, Real-time System, UI Design, Software Architecture Design.

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KYLE WESTON - Scientific Development Manager

I'm a tenacious and creative problem solver, with experience in electronic systems design, digital signal processing and machine learning techniques. I am interested in applying my unique knowledge and skills to make a difference in our world. My specialties include: computer vision, machine learning algorithms, electronic systems design, embedded systems, digital signal processing.

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KEVIN ALEXANDER - Business Strategist

I thrive in bringing teams together to accomplish complex goals with agility and speed. This approach builds on many years in leadership positions where creating consistently successful products and content were of paramount importance. A "best work day" for me is helping people come up with their best ideas, figuring out how to make those ideas possible, and making sure there are people interested in those ideas.

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Larger Circle

We're proud to have an expanding team which encompasses many partnerships and specialists. This includes champions at Canadian universities who provide access to people, ideas, and technologies that create synergy for us and our clients.