KINSOL. Your needs. Your data. Our team.

There's a puzzle
on your hands.

You're probably
sitting on the data.

We are the bridge to
your solution.

we are

a bridge between cutting edge academic research, rapid development, and the project you need to push ahead. We produce commercial solutions, prototypes, and proof of concepts.

What's on the road?

We've trained deep learning networks to determine the difference between cars, buses, bicycles - and more - using vehicle detection analysis.

All those emerging technologies

You name it and we've done more than just hear about it: the latest machine learning and big data techniques in natural language processing, recommenders and computer vision.

Smart Appliances

From super intelligent ovens or parking sensors that detect your car, we know "embedded" & how to unlock artificial intelligence between embedded and the cloud.

our team

We are a mix of machine learning experts, doctorates, business strategists and office baristas who thrive on new challenges, creating a unique relationship between our skills and your needs.

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